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Buy Colored Contact Lenses Online

After a new Look? Get some colored contacts today! We have a fun and exciting range of Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses like Blue Contact Lenses...also available in a bunch of different colors! Changing your eye color is a great way to change your look and give yourself a fresh appearance. With a huge variety of colors available it's cheap and fun! The Eye Kandy range of contact lenses are availble in 7 exiting colours. Check them out today!

If you're after something a bit more crazy, we have a huge range of crazy lenses! So don't forget to check out our Halloween Contact Lenses! Perfect for special events, dress up parties, and of course... HALLOWEEN!

Order some colored contact lenses today! 100% Safe & Secure Ordering Available.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Triple Color Blue Contact Lenses
Posted: 21 Sep
Reviewer: Anonymous from Washington, DC
Overall: Comfort: Look:

I LOVE these contacts, I also have the triple color violet! I've received a lot of compliments on both pairs!
Triple Color Gray Contact Lenses
Posted: 21 Sep
Reviewer: Alison from Albuquerque, NM
Overall: Comfort: Look:

I was looking for some colored contact lenses that would give me lighter eyes yet still look natural. I've tried a few colors and gray suits me best. I really think people need to try different colors because its hard to guess what they will look like. Mine are comfortable and look great, I love them!
Jaguar Contact Lenses
Posted: 20 Sep
Reviewer: Kay from Chicago, IL
Overall: Comfort: Look:

Me and my friend got matching cat's eye contact lenses for a dress up party we went to. They looked AMAZING, our costumes were PERFECT with these! I'm looking forward to trying some colors soon as well.
Dual Color Violet Contact Lenses
Posted: 20 Sep
Reviewer: Anna from Santa Ana, CA
Overall: Comfort: Look:

Love this color!! So comfortable and and looks great on my dark eyes. Next i'm going to try the triple color violet!
Dual Color Aqua Contact Lenses
Posted: 19 Sep
Reviewer: Melissa from Orlando, FL
Overall: Comfort: Look:

I've been wearing the eye kandy aqua lenses for a while now because they're more comfortable than other contacts i've worn and they look better. I'll be sticking with these forever, I wear them nearly every day, I also love the box!

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